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INTRODUCTION AND DEFINITION . Below a thin, ragged mantle of soil and superficial material, the Earth's outermost shell is made up of rocks Most of these rocks are in

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Rocks & Minerals Definitions

Feldspar Feldspar refers to a group of minerals containing aluminum and silica. They all show good cleavage in two directions at about 90 degrees.

keystonetableExceptional Minerals

MIN#Keystone-1. Dazzling specimen of orange to yellow Pyromorphite crystals on matrix! This is one great looking Pyro! The crystals are all in excellent shape with

Crystals and GemstonesCrystalinks

Crystals and Metaphysics. Crystals are used for healing, meditation, energy work, storing information, protection, grounding, and channeling. Many have specific


The magnetic compass is the most familiar compass type. It functions as a pointer to 'magnetic north', the local magnetic meridian, because the magnetized needle at

Fine Gemstone Knife Handles by Jay Fisher

'And yet I, too, have set out in quest of gems, have known the thrill of pursuit and capture and, above all, the thoroughly satisfying experience of adding one

Green Gemstones: List of Green Precious Gem

Colored Stones: Popular Green Gemstones. When it comes to colored gemstones, color is king. Today, many customers prioritize color and are less concerned with the


There is no universally accepted grading system for gemstones. Diamonds are graded using a system developed by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in the early

Azotic Topaz Gemstone InformationGemSelect

Azotic Topaz Gemstone Information. Learn about Azotic topaz sources, origin, colors, rings and jewelry. Gemological and crystal powers. Learn how to identify and care

Paleo Indian stone totem figurine artIce Age

The Discovery. A waning screech catapults me out of a daydream. Overhead, a circling hawk parts the sky with a twist of its red tail and Im back on the bare

How to tell the Difference between Black Onyx,

A common question I get from my students in my Certified Crystal Healer Course is: How to tell the difference between our many shiny black tumbled stones. There are

The Magic of Rocks and StonesSelenite/Gypsum

The Magic of Rocks and Stones. Selenite (Gypsum) Written and compiled byPatricia Jean Martin. Selenite is an alternate name for the mineral Gypsum.

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Rocks Rocks are Earth materials made from minerals. Most rocks have more than one kind of mineral. Example: Granite Potassium feldspar.

Geology GlossaryDefinitions of geological

Geology GlossaryDefinitions of Geologic Terms. Geology is the scientific study of the Earth, the materials of which it is made, the structure of those materials

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Reference Specimens / The Folch Collection / Fabre Minerals: Mineral specimens for quality collectors

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Pigments and their Chemical and Artistic Properties

Lake colors: Origin and History: The work 'Lake' in pigments derives from a material known as Lacca from which they were prepared. We don't know what just was meant

Beach Stones Identification Easy steps to

Identification. Beach stones identification is more a matter of knowledge and experience than skill. If you want to be able to identify pebbles, you should remember

Optical Properties of

GEOLOGY 115. OPTICAL PROPERITES OF GEMS. Optical properties are those which are related to the behavior of light, on, or in, a gemstone. Some of these can be seen

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Meteorite IdentificationThe Meteorite

Meteorite Identification. Do you think you have found a meteorite? Many people have been to the desert, or river, or perhaps even their own backyard and found a rock

Rock TumblingGetting Started

Rock Tumbling Basics. Rock tumbling involves taking rough rock pieces and tumbling them with a series of grits in a container (barrel) so that they emerge

Glossary of Basic Geological Terms

Glossary of Basic Geological Terms ; English term Czech term Explanation; ablation: ablace: The process of decreasing of ice volume of a glacier.

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